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We are privileged to have these wonderful people at our
QuantumPoints Conference 2018.

Each of them unique, sharing their knowledge and expertise that is beneficial for everyone.

Our QuantumPoints Conference is designed to suit our biofeedback practitioners, healers, energy workers and those that just want to know more about all the above and how it workers. 

Geir Magne Andersen

Herbal medicine and Diet

We are honored to have Geir Magne Anderson joining us at our QuantumPoints Conference 2018.

Geir Magne  has developed the successful therapeutic herbal products of Herba Plus, which make up the largest herbal concept for treatment in Scandinavia. 

He is now coming to Portugal to share his experience within herbal medicine and diet. 

Geir Magne has worked within alternative treatment with herbal medicine and diet as his specialty for 30 years. During the last 20 years he has held more than 2000 lectures for therapists and health workers in Scandinavia on the subject of alternative medicine with herbal medicine, diet and different treatment techniques as main themes.

Andrew Reeve "Andy"

Self-healing journey 

We feel privilege to have Andy joining us at our QuantumPoints Conference 2018.

Andy is a musician, passionate photographer and a past life healer.

Andy has  been healing people  since 1982 and acquired the ability to ‘see’ and heal peoples’ past lives in 1993.

According to Andy reaching this point has been both a humbling and exciting adventure. 

Andy  adds that it is also educational, and not  a week passes without him learning of another condition exhibited by a client that requires him to come up with a new healing solution.

Andy has  two major goals in his life. One is, obviously to do his very best to help people to recover from what ever ails them. 

The other is to get as many people on the road healing. With the state of the worlds health now we do need it.

Quoting Andy :

"My talk will be an inter-active one. I will be asking you to embark on a self-healing journey. I will describe each technique as we go giving you a chance to try them out on yourselves.

I am so looking forward to meeting you all. And that we all learn one from another; me included."

If you are interested in a private healing session with Andy, make sure to put your name on the list as there are many interested.


Professor Ingrid Stampe Villadsen

Medical Microbiology and Asthma

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce Ingrid Stampe Villadsen from Denmark as one of QuantumPoints Speakers 2018.

We admire her for her modesty, in our eyes she is one of the true Valkyrie´s of this world.

Ingrid Stampe Villadsen´s is a Biochemist, an Internationally Certified Coach (ICC) and psychotherapist from ID Denmark.

She has worked as a professor in Microbiology and Molecular Biology for many years, including teaching and researching yeast genetics at the Technical University of Denmark.

She has also worked with Nutrition and integrative medicine in DSOM where she was the treasurer for three years. She was leader of the group creating the teaching for the creation of the joint food education in Denmark between DTU and KVL,

She is a member of the Danish Patient Safety Authority, stps.dk, and is on the advisory board for alternative therapies.

Ingrid Stampe Villadsen has worked with the SCIO/INDIGO Biofeedback for 9 years, with tremendous instant success using her unique teckink combination. 

Her focus in quantum-medicine is medical microbiology. She is a pioneer in her field.

We are so fortunate that she is going to share her unique Technics with us at our QuantumPoints Conference.


Dr.Nipa Das

Energy Medicine

It's an honor having Dr.Nipa Das joining us again this year to our QuantumPoints Conference 2018.

Nipa is a dear friend, a true jewel that brings sparkling energy in every steps she takes. Her ways of teaching and sharing are truly one of a kind and will leave a tranquil smile on your heart.

 Nipa was loved by all our 2015/2016 Conference participants with the journey she took us on every day before each lecture, were we learned how to breath, how to laugh and how to relax.

This year Nipa is one of our main speakers.

"Dr. Nipa Das comes from a science background. After graduating with Joint Honors  in Mathematics and Physics from King's College, University of London, she pursued a career Operational Research followed by an international career in teaching (UK, India, an Belgium).

 Her teaching career spans several decades and continents.  I learn, I teach, I facilitate, I grow :) 

Alongside teaching Mathematics in International Schools and Universities in Brussels, Antwerp, Mumbai and the UK, she also ran workshops on Yoga, Stress Management and Kinesiology for both adults and students alike. In the early 90s, she developed an interest in alternative therapies and complementary medicine.

Her accomplishments in that field becoming a Dr. in Energetic Medicine, a recognized international therapist/healer, a lifestyle management consultant specializing in a range of energy therapies, Scio/Scenar Practitioner, Quantum wave Laser Therapist, Reiki Master and a kinesiologists. .Nipa has continued to remain interested and involved in education, having presented at workshops internationally, from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur to several European Countries.

Now Nipa runs a clinic in Alternative therapies and divides her time between Surrey (England) and Delhi (India).

Since our QuantumPoints Conference 2015 in Vilamoura, Algarve/Portugal, Nipa has been very busy traveling from one continent to another sharing her knowledge and expertise at difference Conferences, not only being a speaker but the coordinator of the first WOQEM(World of Quantum Energy Medicine) Conference in the beautiful Pyramid Valley in Bangalore India.

Nipa specializes in treating the following conditions: Depression and anxiety, Lack of Motivation, Skin Problems, Aches and Pains, Migraines, Allergies and Children’s ailments.

Not forgetting her devotion of teaching underprivileged children in India ""Swashrit Society "education children for a better tomorrow" to empower youth by providing them with literacy, education and awareness programs to create better health.


Margrét Margrétardóttir jr


Quantum Master, dedicated practitioner, speaker, teacher and tech support person for Iceland and Scandinavia and those in need off any assistance regarding the Quantum Biofeedback devices anywhere in the world.

Quoting Margret :

”This device is so amazing and mesmerizing, it truly has changed my life changed completely”.


Margrét´s background and path to the Quantum-world.



Laura Medler

Morning Yoga and Life alignment

We are so happy to have our kindhearted and beautiful friend Laura with us at our QuantumPoints Conference 2018.

''Through my teaching I hope to guide people on an inner journey towards a greater understanding and awareness of the self. By connecting body and mind through the breath in order to develop focus and presence, students are encouraged to connect with their own higher guidance to find an easeful balance between physical effort and surrender. My intention is that the mindfulness created on the mat will continue to ground and center students off the mat and beyond, throughout their daily activities, cultivating presence in doing, to enhance a sense of peace and well-being. I have experienced the joy and restorative qualities of yoga throughout my life and it was a firm belief in the power of regular practice that lead to a desire to teach. 

Life Alignment is a hands-on, gentle system of vibrational energy healing that identifies the memories, past traumas, toxins and suppressed feelings that block the flow of energy within both our physical and subtle bodies, eventually affecting our health and sense of well being. The technique initiates a powerful flow of healing energy into the body via vortex gateways known as chakras, enabling the body to release the blockage, re-align energetically and heal rapidly and effectively on many levels:

∗ BALANCE the physical self, organs, glands, body systems, meridians & chakras
∗ RELEASE suppressed emotions, toxicity & stress
∗ INCREASE vitality, self-confidence & self-empowerment
∗ IMPROVE digestion, assimilation & immune response
∗ RELIEVE pain & fatigue rapidly & effectively
∗ ALIGN the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies 

                       If you are interested in a private healing session with Laura, make sure to put your name on the list as there are many interested.

Jenny Florence

Clairvoyance  and Tarot Card reading  

We are delighted to have  Jenny with us at our QuantumPoints Conference 2018. 

Jenny is a wonderful and sparkly person and a great friend. She will be offering  tarot Card reading using her Clairvoyance to look behind the messages of the tarot cards, for those that are interested.

Jenny began her own Reiki training in 2006, completing to Master/Teacher level with The Reiki Training Centre in 2011. During this transformative time her lifelong fascination with the Tarot Cards began to surface & she found herself devouring book after book on the subject, She attended workshops with Lady Cristobel of Aberdeen then studied with Thelma Francis at The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh. The deck of cards she use is the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti & the 10 card spread she works with is called The Whole Self Mandala.

Whilst working with these energies, she began to realize that she was experiencing clairvoyant images which either herself or her clients could relate too. She desperately wanted to explore this world of Mediumship more fully & attended several workshops, meditation classes & practiced         visualization techniques, all of which enhanced my mediumistic skills.

Whilst her Clairvoyant journey is still ongoing she is discovering that she also has clairsentient abilities too, which involves sensing, smelling & feeling spirit. For several years now she has been aware of the presence & scent of her beloved late Dad around her & have also seen him clairvoyantly.

                       If you are interested in a private healing session with Jenny, make sure to put your name on the list as there are many interested.